Independent, external advice is valuable in situations when you need to:

  • Update your three to five years’ business plan.
  • Enhance and complement the Board of Directors.
  • Develop the Owner’s Directives to the board.
  • Negotiate and agree on a shareholders’ agreement.
  • Value your business.
  • Understand what is increasing, and decreasing, the value of your business.
  • Start preparations to realize your investment and sell your business.
  • Manage a sales process to divest all or parts of your business.
  • Find the right service providers when acquiring or selling a business.
  • Select a suitable investment bank, legal advisor, and other consultants when making due diligence (DD).
  • Develop as a leader and manager to meet your aspirations.


We will review and analyse your particular situation. The assignment will be adapted to meet your requirements and your budget. You will have full flexibility to change, extend, reduce or cancel the assignment.

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